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My last post was April 1, 2014.  One could say I “fell off the blogging train.”  And they’d be right!  Call it busyness, call it lack of priority, the fact is I stopped blogging…for over 2 years!

Well, a lot has happened since April 1, 2014.  And I have now, more than ever, desired to write.  Thus the revamp of the blog.

I will admit – it’s going to be a slow start.  You might expect only one blog post a week. In the midst of a new job (just finishing my first year at Willow Creek), and beginning my last semester of a two-year masters program, my plate is quite full.

But one post a week…that I can probably do.  Hope to see you here!

Holiday Health Challenge

i have grown to admire carlos whittaker, what he stands for, and his influence in the ministry world.

he recently put out this challenge.  you can watch it here.

basically, for the next 30 days, instead of making holiday excuses for the disconnect we feel in our lives, let’s make an intentional effort to grow in certain areas.  mainly:  spiritual, relational, physical.

so here are my goals:

1.  physical – get under 200Ibs (currently 206)

2. relational – hang out with my parents more intentionally (coffee, lunches, etc)

3. spiritual – finish B90x (before 2010) & memorize the verses los puts on his blog.

hope you’ll come along for the ride.

The Nines


today was neat.  if for nothing else than the fact that it was 9/09/09.  some creatives got together and came up with a leadership event called “The Nines.”  it was 9 minute leadership clips from 70+ leaders from around the world.  it was awesome.  what made it even more great?  Brad Powell did one of the 9 minute clips.  it was solid.

however, one clip stuck out from the rest.  i can’t remember his name, or what church he’s from.  but he talked about the power from being engrossed in the word of God.  if we are not being daily filled up by the word of God…then how are we filling others up?  are we filling them up by our own strength? our own abilities? too often this is true.  i think that’s why we get so burned out.  we’re trying to do it on our own.

may we fill others with the overflow of what God is doing in our own lives.

now go read your bible

Q & A with Kem Meyer + Book Giveaway!

today is the day.


i had the chance to ask Kem Meyer one question.  Kem is the author of less clutter, less noise … she has a passion to see organizations [especially the local church] market in a refreshing, relief-bringing way, instead of the chaotic way people are used to.

i’m also giving away a copy of her book to one lucky person.  all you gotta do to enter the drawing is comment your name and email addy below. increase your chances by commenting as many times as you like…i’ll count up to 5 of them.  now to the Q & A ~~>


ADAMWhat does the local church need to do to ensure they are not adding to the “noise” that is engulfing their congregation?

KEM:  Love this, Adam! Can you believe you are the ONLY one who asked this? Life is overwhelming enough as it is. Churches shouldn’t be piling more on top of an already mounting problem, especially when people are looking for answers that will make a difference. If the church is looking to be a credible source for those answers, here are ways it should be looking to help reduce that load.

Stick to the facts. Don’t over-sell, over-explain or over-control. Just provide the information someone needs to self-sort and self-decide. People don’t need a page on the philosophy of each ministry, activity or event. They do need to know who it’s for, what it is, when it happens and how to get there or sign up.

Stick to the point. Start with the end in mind before you’re about to do something. If you know the purpose behind your letter, brochure, meeting, etc., it makes it easier for you to stay on track and focused. Otherwise, it’s hard to recognize your own excess. Do you want people to show up or respond? What are you asking them to do? If you can’t answer that question easily, they won’t be able  to either.

Consider the crowd. Does your announcement (bulletin or verbal) apply to everyone or just a handful of people? If it’s not affecting the masses, it’s just going to land like dead weight. Don’t punish the crowd to keep a few people happy (even if they are the most vocal). Find a way to deliver your news in appropriate venues.

Don’t intrude. Unless they’ve asked for it, people welcome unsolicited emails as much as a door-to-door salesperson during family dinner. Respect personal space, and put information in a place easy for people to find when they want it.

According to a Fast Company magazine article, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states unequivocally that 80% of our medical expenditures are now stress-related.  Marketers have responded with superficial, tranquility promises: happiness in a perfume, peace in a lotion, focus in a drink, euphoria in a bubble bath, sex in a lip gloss, etc. The church’s response should be less complex, more authentic and, ultimately, life-giving— it’s as simple as dialing back the volume.


that’s all folks.  thanks to Kem Meyer for stopping by my blog.

don’t forget to comment your name and email for a chance to win the book!

Blog Contest


if you’ve ever ventured over to kem meyer’s blog, you know a few things.

1) she loves leadership 2) she loves the local church 3) she loves communication.

she wrote a book too.  it’s called “less clutter, less noise.”  you can see an interview about it here.

here’s the deal.  on may 29 I am going to be featuring Kem on this blog.  she’ll be answering a question of mine, and then i’ll give away a copy of her book to a reader.

all you need to do to enter to win the book is comment your name and email addy.

i know, i know…pretty kickin’ awesome.  see ya on the 29th.

Weekend Update

saturday was a relaxing day.  another one of those day that no work has to be done (on my part).  I took some time to read crazy love (haven’t finished it yet).  in MI it was a sunny 55 degrees (F) outside, so that made for a more cheerful attitude than usual.  tony tice spoke at northridge church saturday night…i enjoyed being challenged on being a person of truth 100% of the time.

sunday was a long day.  bill and i drove to the birmingham campus of kensington community church.  it was a great experience.  northridge is launching our first regional campus in saline, mi.  so it was great to see how other churches are doing the whole multi-site gig.

this pic is of the junior high group [breakaway].  they meet right outside of the cafeteriaimg_0063

this is the main auditorium [where the big people go to church]img_0068

*all pics were taken with my iPhone*

sunday night we had velocity.  it was a blast.  bill brought the talk – the main point was god gives rest.  whoa! did our students need to hear this one!!  i guess if bill and i are honest though, the talk was designed for him and i.  we have been going and going…we need to find rest in the God we’re serving!

i’m excited about teaching this next sunday.  the topic?  “who do you say jesus is?” gonna be sweet.