You look just like your Dad

Growing up I would always here this phrase.

“You look just like your dad!”

For me, it’s a compliment.  My dad’s a good looking man.  And for my dad, I’d imagine it’s a compliment as well.  I’m guessing there’s a sense of pride parents feel when their kid looks like them, has the same mannerisms, character traits, and even personalities…of course, all the good aspects of those things.


And now that the news is out that I’m going to be a dad, hearing those words would be music to my ears.  Except if we have a girl.  I’d make an ugly girl.  (For her to have my wife’s looks, however, would be hitting the jackpot).

This didn’t have spiritual implications for me until recently when my Grandma told me, yet again, that I looked like my dad.  Of course, I said “thank you” but I couldn’t stop the mind-drift that was happening – thinking of all the ways that, as Christians, a phrase like this would have massive implications.

The Bible says in Genesis 1:27 that you and I were created in the image of God…our Heavenly Father.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

That doesn’t mean we all look alike – I gave my thoughts on that in my last post.  What it does mean is that we all have the fingerprints of God…His attributes, His character, His personality.  Though we portray those each uniquely, it’s in the portraying that we begin to look most like our creator.

Figuring out who God made us to be and then portraying those unique attributes to the world is perhaps one of the best uses of our time (along with the Great Commission, of course…but even this, I believe, helps us accomplish the G.C).  In so doing this, we show off our Heaven Father.

We show off the kind nature of God when we’re kind.
We show off the forgiving nature of God when we forgive.
We show off the creative nature of God when we create.
We show off the _____________ nature of God when we _____________.

You can fill in the blank better than I could because you have attributes of God that I don’t.  And whenever you step fully into those and be who God created you to be, you’re looking more and more like your Heavenly Father.

And I’d imagine there’s a sense of Godly Pride that He feels when his creation desires to look more and more like Him.

Family Time

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about this blog.
In my short time as a “blogger” I’ve noticed a tension.
The tension I feel is to bring content Monday-Friday…
No matter what.
Well that’s just unrealistic.
And seeing as how I’m not cool enough to have people guest post to fill days,
there will be some dead-time on the blog periodically.

What was the cause this time?
We had fun.
I hope you did to.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


tomorrow (monday) i board a plane in detroit, fly to atlanta, and then arrive in florida.
it’s going to be a great week.
it’s my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, so we’re going to party down.
lots of cousins.
lots of aunts and uncles.
lots of food and
lots of love.
it’s going to be nice to break from the routine and enjoy some relaxation
see ya


father. dad. pops. old man. sir.
whatever term you use, today is their day.
here are some things that are true about my dad…the best dad around.
i may be bias, but here goes…

he’s gentle
but still could kick your [you know what]
he has rock solid integrity
a man of conviction
loves Jesus with all his heart
loves his family
has wisdom for any circumstance
isn’t afraid to get under the hood of a car
or even under the car itself
knows how to work hard
but also knows how to sit back and relax
he is compassionate
he is loving

is my dad perfect? nah.
he’s my dad though.
and that’s all I need. and besides…
my dad could beat up your dad.
just sayin.

happy fathers day, dad.

weekend in pics

well, it’s official.  i’m 26 years old.  saturday was the day.  it started out with a 9 mile run with my sister.  then my family had lunch at J. Alexanders…

we then hit up the 5:15p service at northridge church.  after that we saw Alice in Wonderland.

overall it was a great day.  on Sunday I woke up and started a full day of ministry.  check out these pics from RustProof Saline.  we played a kickin’ game using expired Hostess Cupcakes.

here’s a photo of the RustProof Saline crew celebrating our 26th week of ministry in Saline.

here’s to a great weekend…

[easter] weekend in pics/vids 2

these flowers were given to my parents for hosting easter at hour house…they looked great and smelled even better!


this is my cousin jason and myself.  jason is a senior at michigan state…all around quality guy (that’s my sister acting like a creeper in the background)


taylor, mikayla and samira…some pretty sweet cousins, who also attend rustproof and velocity at northridge


this  is the bunch watching tiger woods miss a key putt and sink even lower in the rankings