vaca day two

I started the day with a lovely walk around the lake.  it’s only about a 1 mile walk…but it was enjoyable.


i started playing basketball at the indoor gym…then i realized that it was 65 and sunny outside.  i quickly switched courts.


i sat in this chair for roughly 2 hours reading “It” by Craig Groeschel.  quality read. (this also resulted in me getting some serious sun)


the hot tub.  yes, please, and thank you.


ended the day with a blizzard from dairy queen while watching the sunset


i love vacation.

ya never know who you’re talking to

I was at the gym…getting ready to leave (which consists of putting on clean clothes and leaving the smelly locker room as fast as possible), and I overhear this dude say, “yup, sure didn’t want to lose this championship ring…”

ok, so that caught my attention.  i’m a pretty outgoing guy, so I pipe up and ask, “sir, what championship are you speaking of?”

“the NBA.

[heart starts pumping faster and faster – it’s true…I get star struck pretty easy]

“wow”  I say.  “that’s cool”

we proceed to chat and I find out that I am talking to Spencer Haywood, NBA legend.  He got the ring playing for the Lakers.  His number (24) was retired just 2 years ago by the Seattle Sonics.  He has a gold medal from the 1968 Olympics.

and I was talking to him at the gym.


[pictured below:  Spencer Haywood dunking.  for the record…his shorts were longer yesterday when I met him]