(another) weekend update

has it been a week since i last posted?  wow.

well.  this last weekend was quite busy.  it started friday.  velocity decided to do the 30 Hour Famine that world vision hosts.  me and 35 other velocity staff and students started fasting around 7:00a on friday.  we got together, had some worship, played some games, slept at the church, served in detroit, then ended the fast at 1:00p saturday afternoon.  thanks to anne gardner we had a kickin’ “traditional” african meal.  overall we raised over $4,000 for world vision to help feed kids in africa.

then came velocity.

i gave the talk on “who do you say jesus is?” it was based off of peter’s confession in matthew 16:15 – “You are the Christ, son of the living God.”

for a creative element, we had two students spray paint both positive and negative views of jesus on to a large piece of muslin fabric (see pic) … after the talk, the band did three worship songs from behind the fabric…it was a powerful night of confession and worship of who jesus is.


Weekend Update

saturday was a relaxing day.  another one of those day that no work has to be done (on my part).  I took some time to read crazy love (haven’t finished it yet).  in MI it was a sunny 55 degrees (F) outside, so that made for a more cheerful attitude than usual.  tony tice spoke at northridge church saturday night…i enjoyed being challenged on being a person of truth 100% of the time.

sunday was a long day.  bill and i drove to the birmingham campus of kensington community church.  it was a great experience.  northridge is launching our first regional campus in saline, mi.  so it was great to see how other churches are doing the whole multi-site gig.

this pic is of the junior high group [breakaway].  they meet right outside of the cafeteriaimg_0063

this is the main auditorium [where the big people go to church]img_0068

*all pics were taken with my iPhone*

sunday night we had velocity.  it was a blast.  bill brought the talk – the main point was god gives rest.  whoa! did our students need to hear this one!!  i guess if bill and i are honest though, the talk was designed for him and i.  we have been going and going…we need to find rest in the God we’re serving!

i’m excited about teaching this next sunday.  the topic?  “who do you say jesus is?” gonna be sweet.

Goin’ All The Way – week one

Sunday, February 8, 2009 – Velocity Service || 6p


Series:  Goin’ all the way (a title we borrowed from lifechurch.tv)

Talk: Lust

Description: Lust, in it’s simplest form, is “unrestrained (sexual) desire.”  In 2 Samuel 13, a story is told of Amnon and Tamar.  Amnon was infatuated with Tamar (understatement!).  However, Tamar was a virgin…and also Amnon’s sister (yuck).  He did everything to get with her…she obviously didn’t like the idea.  She was open to the idea of marriage, but Amnon wanted her right then. Because of Amnon’s unrestrained desire, he raped Tamar…ironically enough, afterwards Amnon hated Tamar…even more than he had loved her.

Bottom Line: Lust will always promise what it cannot deliver(true intimacy and love)

Application: What area of life do we have “unrestrained desire”?  1 Thess 4 teaches to “control our body…” in ways that are holy and honorable.

Creative Elements: We opened the service with this video.  I also showed this video during my talk; to illustrate what “lack of self-control” looks like.

Song List: You Deserve, All because of Jesus, Break Free (note – mostly student led worship!)