Energizer Bunny & Mountain Dew

there are definitely seasons in ministry where i feel like the energizer bunny
it’s go go go
i drink plenty of mountain dew and i, along with the student ministry guys, give it all we have for a certain period of time
that’s life.
that’s ministry.
no doubt Jesus experienced this during his time on earth
he would be in one city giving it all He had…and after a boat ride across a large lake he’d be expected to do it all again in a different city.
and often times He sucked it up and He ministered
He healed people
He spoke truth
He gave people hope.
but make no mistake…he took time to rest
he withdrew.
he stopped.
and so we do the same.
we take time to stop…to reflect…to refuel
i look forward to these times.
i usually head to a park, bring my Bible…
put my phone on “airplane” mode so no one bugs me
perhaps bring a pair of running shoes
all in all i make sure that there are no distractions
my goal? to reconnect with God
as a song so rightly puts it, to “flood this thirsty heart.”

we all need rest.
we all need to refuel.
no one can “go go go” and live to tell about it
there’s only so much mountain dew you can drink