Authentic Shot

In January I attended another Seek Well refresh retreat.  These have been a part of my quarterly rhythm for a few years now, and it’s a fantastic pause in my schedule to be with friends, spend time listening to Jesus, and enjoy the outdoors.

During that time, we were shown a video that captured the essence of what I’ve been feeling and processing through — being unique.

It’s a scene from the Legend of Bagger Vance.  Matt Damon is the golfer, and Will Smith is his Caddy.  Smith encourages Damon to not simply “hack away” at the golf ball…but to find the one authentic shot that’s his…that’s in harmony with the playing field, and live in that rhythm.

This resonates so much with me…and perhaps it will with you.

I think God created us with an authentic shot, and when we’re living outside of that authentic shot, it’s as if we are hacking away at life simply trying to get by.

My encouragement to you this week would be to take time, get away with Jesus, and listen to what He might say to you in relation to this. What authentic shot did He create you to play?  What does “hacking away” look like for you?  What gets in the way of you stepping into the rhythm of the authentic shot?

[easter] weekend in pics/vids 2

these flowers were given to my parents for hosting easter at hour house…they looked great and smelled even better!


this is my cousin jason and myself.  jason is a senior at michigan state…all around quality guy (that’s my sister acting like a creeper in the background)


taylor, mikayla and samira…some pretty sweet cousins, who also attend rustproof and velocity at northridge


this  is the bunch watching tiger woods miss a key putt and sink even lower in the rankings