ordinary heroes

there is a lack of heroes in this generation.  it’s sad, really.

what happened to the “someone” who your kids could emulate?

we need people like that…

someone you can look up to

someone who goes farther than you’d expect

someone who conquers more than you thought possible

well…look no further.

this man, Josh Isenhardt, single-handedly ate an entire TWO-POUND burger.

in the pic below:  that’s him, in the top middle…holding the prized t-shirt proudly.

well there you have it. a new hero is born.

Holiday Health Challenge

i have grown to admire carlos whittaker, what he stands for, and his influence in the ministry world.

he recently put out this challenge.  you can watch it here.

basically, for the next 30 days, instead of making holiday excuses for the disconnect we feel in our lives, let’s make an intentional effort to grow in certain areas.  mainly:  spiritual, relational, physical.

so here are my goals:

1.  physical – get under 200Ibs (currently 206)

2. relational – hang out with my parents more intentionally (coffee, lunches, etc)

3. spiritual – finish B90x (before 2010) & memorize the verses los puts on his blog.

hope you’ll come along for the ride.