This week Velocity High School Ministry is at Kalahari Indoor Water Park.  Pics will be up later tonight.

As a staff we have two goals:

1.  Provide an atmosphere where students can build relationships with other students and adult leaders.

2.  Enlarge the students’ view of God.

Thanks for praying.


velocity had a guys all nighter last night.  we have them roughly 2-3 times a year.  they’re crazy.  you never know what’s going to happen at these things.  last night was no exception…a couple of our students brought the necessary gear for mini-stix.  here’s a quick photo…


there will be a video soon.

velocity update – march 1, 2009


this past weekend in velocity we our opening talk for “red letters.”  i have the talk, and i was pretty excited about it.  i talked out of matthew 9:9-13.  jesus walks up to matthew, an outcast in that society, and asks him to follow.  so crazy.  i took it from two angles

the disciples:  no doubt the ones already following jesus were a little confused as to why a “tax collector” was joining their bunch.  i asked, “who in your life are you denying the life-changing love of jesus?”  we mainly do that because of decisions those people have made…we think jesus wouldn’t want them following him.

matthew:  we’ve all been here, i’m sure.  i know i’ve felt sometimes that i’m not good enough to follow jesus.  oh boy does jesus shatter that thinking.  anyone can change.  this is jesus we’re talking about…the same dude who rose from the dead!  wow, the power in believing that is immense.  who do you know that is “too far gone?”  even when everyone thinks a person is “lost” … he is still worth being found in God’s eyes.

next week bill is tackling some red letters.  stay tuned for a recap