Weekend Update

saturday was a relaxing day.  another one of those day that no work has to be done (on my part).  I took some time to read crazy love (haven’t finished it yet).  in MI it was a sunny 55 degrees (F) outside, so that made for a more cheerful attitude than usual.  tony tice spoke at northridge church saturday night…i enjoyed being challenged on being a person of truth 100% of the time.

sunday was a long day.  bill and i drove to the birmingham campus of kensington community church.  it was a great experience.  northridge is launching our first regional campus in saline, mi.  so it was great to see how other churches are doing the whole multi-site gig.

this pic is of the junior high group [breakaway].  they meet right outside of the cafeteriaimg_0063

this is the main auditorium [where the big people go to church]img_0068

*all pics were taken with my iPhone*

sunday night we had velocity.  it was a blast.  bill brought the talk – the main point was god gives rest.  whoa! did our students need to hear this one!!  i guess if bill and i are honest though, the talk was designed for him and i.  we have been going and going…we need to find rest in the God we’re serving!

i’m excited about teaching this next sunday.  the topic?  “who do you say jesus is?” gonna be sweet.

weekend update

saturday was one of those rare days where i had absolutely nothing to do.  and that’s exactly what i did.  nothing.  now, i had gone into the day wanting to get some reading done…i ended up catching up on some shows (namely 24, The Office, and Chuck).

in velocity we had our second week of “red letters.”  bill holbrook spoke…and he rocked it out.  we made a major announcement as well…bill is our new high school director.  i’ve been waiting for this transition to happen for a while, and now that it’s here, i can see momentum already starting to build.

we showed an announcement video.  we got the idea from josh griffin’s blog…until i post it (on tuesday) all i can say is that it involved a paintball gun.