The Nines


today was neat.  if for nothing else than the fact that it was 9/09/09.  some creatives got together and came up with a leadership event called “The Nines.”  it was 9 minute leadership clips from 70+ leaders from around the world.  it was awesome.  what made it even more great?  Brad Powell did one of the 9 minute clips.  it was solid.

however, one clip stuck out from the rest.  i can’t remember his name, or what church he’s from.  but he talked about the power from being engrossed in the word of God.  if we are not being daily filled up by the word of God…then how are we filling others up?  are we filling them up by our own strength? our own abilities? too often this is true.  i think that’s why we get so burned out.  we’re trying to do it on our own.

may we fill others with the overflow of what God is doing in our own lives.

now go read your bible

Blog Contest


if you’ve ever ventured over to kem meyer’s blog, you know a few things.

1) she loves leadership 2) she loves the local church 3) she loves communication.

she wrote a book too.  it’s called “less clutter, less noise.”  you can see an interview about it here.

here’s the deal.  on may 29 I am going to be featuring Kem on this blog.  she’ll be answering a question of mine, and then i’ll give away a copy of her book to a reader.

all you need to do to enter to win the book is comment your name and email addy.

i know, i know…pretty kickin’ awesome.  see ya on the 29th.