back together…

last night was a great time.
not only did we have 80+ student ministry leaders all in the same room celebrating what God is doing at NorthRidge
not only did we eat a HUGE thanksgiving feast together…
but Scott Cunningham graced us with his presence at the end of the night
and the only appropriate thing to do was to play CRUD

scott leaves for Nicaragua on Friday (serving as a missionary for Food for the Hungry)
check out his blog here
scott was a member of the student ministries team here for a number of years
and we are proud to see all the great things God is doing in his family
pray for him, pray for his family
and pray for his ego…he lost the game of CRUD.

not your average friday night

most people aren’t youth pastors
so most people don’t spend their friday nights with junior high students
94 of them to be exact
rustproof hosted what we called “destination unknown”
we split the students up into 4 teams…and sent them in four buses to complete 4 challenges
first team back to the church with all four challenges complete won the race (think of “amazing race”)
here are few pics from the evening

(notice the student bottom left covering her ears due to the screams)

the winning team! (below)

and here were the runner ups…

this event, for us, is a bridge event for our 5th graders.  we “promote” 5th graders to middle school on June 20…so this is a “pre-RustProof” event to get them acquainted with everything.
love that I get to do this

North Carolina 2009

velocity high school ministry has a busy summer planned.  we just got back from the great state of north carolina.

it was a saturday – saturday kind of trip.  here’s the trip in numbers (from what i can remember)…

94 people

over 1600 miles

9 vehicles

7 work crews

3 houses painted

2 floors replaced

1 wheel chair ramp built

1 house re-wired

1 kitchen repaired

there were multiple pics taken…here are a few