Goin’ all the way – week 2

Sunday February 15, 2009 – Velocity Service || 6p

For a synopsis of week one, click here.


Series:  Goin’ all the way

Talk: Love

Summary: John 15:13 and 1 John 3:16 lay it out there.  [real] love is laying your life down for someone else.  Jesus was the example.  we are to follow.  what does that look like for a high school student?  putting ones own agenda aside for another person is certainly difficult, but it is what we are called to do…in every relationship, not just dating/marriage.

Bottom Line: Love is sacrifice

Creative Elements: we showed 2 videos.  this one. and  that one.

Song List: You’ll come, Lead me to the cross, Better is one day

Goin’ All The Way – week one

Sunday, February 8, 2009 – Velocity Service || 6p


Series:  Goin’ all the way (a title we borrowed from lifechurch.tv)

Talk: Lust

Description: Lust, in it’s simplest form, is “unrestrained (sexual) desire.”  In 2 Samuel 13, a story is told of Amnon and Tamar.  Amnon was infatuated with Tamar (understatement!).  However, Tamar was a virgin…and also Amnon’s sister (yuck).  He did everything to get with her…she obviously didn’t like the idea.  She was open to the idea of marriage, but Amnon wanted her right then. Because of Amnon’s unrestrained desire, he raped Tamar…ironically enough, afterwards Amnon hated Tamar…even more than he had loved her.

Bottom Line: Lust will always promise what it cannot deliver(true intimacy and love)

Application: What area of life do we have “unrestrained desire”?  1 Thess 4 teaches to “control our body…” in ways that are holy and honorable.

Creative Elements: We opened the service with this video.  I also showed this video during my talk; to illustrate what “lack of self-control” looks like.

Song List: You Deserve, All because of Jesus, Break Free (note – mostly student led worship!)