I just came out of a 2 week run of back-2-back retreats, and all the planning that’s involved with those.  it was crazy.  by time my sunday night drive home came after Velocity i was literally trying to keep my eyes open.  i had even skipped a few days of my bible reading plan due to the busyness.

all that to say that the past 2 days have been amazing.  summed up in one word:  rest.

i am a podcast junkie as of late, and the one i am loving is Mark Driscoll’s weekly message to Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  during my run yesterday, i listened to his latest talk.  he said one phrase that caught my attention –

“you have no business enjoying restful solitude unless you have poured yourself out in ministry.”


“If Satan can’t make you sin, he’ll keep you busy.  Not doing bad things, but neglecting first things.”



2 thoughts on “rest

  1. Hey Adam! Just happened to click on this and surprised to see that you have a blog too! Great! I too have been extremely busy and took the last 2 days off to rest. I did go to my Bible Study tonite – hearing His Word gives me rest.
    I relate to the comment about Satan and sinning. He really can have me running circles and forgetting to pray sometimes. Luckily, the Holy Spirit has blessed us believers with discernment and pretty quickly He reminds me to refocus on Him and rely on Him for my needs.
    I wish there were retreats for adults at the church. I definitely would go. Is that something that could happen at NRC? I would love to be part of the planning. Sounds like your ministry is fruitful. I pray you get the rest you need to continue “feeding His sheep”. God Bless You!

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