spontaneous in a never-changing kind of way

so our rustproof team (for plymouth and saline) is going through the 4 gospels in 40 days.  one of my favorite parts of this process is reading about the healings of Jesus…specifically how He healed 3 blind men.

  • one man got mud put on his face (after Jesus had made the mud with spit)
  • one man got two doses of mud…maybe because the first dose wouldn’t have taught him anything
  • and then one man simply heard the words “see,” and he was able to see.

Jesus never healed the same way twice.  I love the creativity.  I love the spontaneity.  we serve a God who changes things up…but is never changing.  we serve a god that is always creating, yet remains the same.

Jesus is spontaneous in a never-changing kind of way

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