Get on with it

Lazarus was dead 4 days before Jesus showed up.
it was common knowledge that at day 4, the body has already started the process of decay
so when Jesus said “roll the stone away,” you can imagine the looks on everyone’s faces
the people had every reason to not roll the stone away
it was over for Lazarus

so many times in our lives we think it’s over
but its not

the decay of sin has an effect on everyone
we all make stupid choices
choices that make us feel like “it’s over” for us
but Jesus is “the resurrection and the life”
it’s not over until He says its over
so go ahead, roll the stone away…get on with living

One thought on “Get on with it

  1. Great post Adam! I always use the story about Lazarus to demonstrate the fact that many times we can be delievered from something but not yet free. Lazarus walked out of the grave but still needed his grave clothes to be taken off. Anytime God moves during moments of transition we will be required to lay aside old mindsets; traditions etc. Grave clothes in a sense; let us lay asid every weight and sin that so easily besets us….
    Great Post!

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