Swag and a Limp

I have really enjoyed the past few days, and I’m really looking forward to the next week.
Why? You ask.
Among many other things, Elevation Church has hosted the Code Orange Revival.
You can watch it on the Elevation Network.
Here’s the summary:  They are having 12 nights in a row where they put on a worship experience.
But it’s not just Steven Furtick teaching all 12 nights.
It’s 12 different preachers.
So you can imagine for a guy like me, this is what heaven is going to be like.

One night in particular they had Matt Chandler…pastor of The Village Church.
He said a phrase that rocked my world.

In Heaven you won’t walk with swag, nor will you have a limp.

Let me explain.
First, we won’t walk with swag.
Of course not, it was by GRACE we are saved…not by our own works, so that no one can walk with swag (Adam Mashni Version).
You and I did absolutely nothing to deserve Heaven.
No room for swag.
Second, we won’t walk with a limp.
This may be tough for some to grasp (it is for me)
The natural response to this is, “But you don’t know what I’ve done!”
Newsflash, God does know what you did (and are going to do).
He sent Jesus anyway.
Through faith in Jesus we are accepted as Heirs.
Adopted sons and daughters.
HIS righteousness given to us.
It’s the power of the Gospel…it’s our hope and comfort.

So I encourage you, as I myself strive for this
Know who you are in Christ,
But also know you did nothing to get there.

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