I Love Football

I enjoy most sports.
Watching and playing.
So this time of year is especially nice.
Every single week.

I don’t this analogy is especially brilliant,
or new by any means.
But it hit me in a fresh way.

Every single player has a role.
And every role is different.
If a player doesn’t play his part,
the whole team loses.
(see where I’m going with this?)

I’ve always thought it’d be sweet to be a quarterback.
They’re the ones who get all the credit.
They’re the ones who are in the spotlight.
But I’ve grown to really respect the dudes who block FOR the quarterback.
Those guys are HUGE.
Those guys are needed.
Without those guys the play doesn’t happen.

Here’s a question I’ve been asking:
What am I doing right now that’s not necessarily “quarterback” status,
but is paving the way for the team to move down the field?

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