Write on…

My last post was April 1, 2014.  One could say I “fell off the blogging train.”  And they’d be right!  Call it busyness, call it lack of priority, the fact is I stopped blogging…for over 2 years!

Well, a lot has happened since April 1, 2014.  And I have now, more than ever, desired to write.  Thus the revamp of the blog.

I will admit – it’s going to be a slow start.  You might expect only one blog post a week. In the midst of a new job (just finishing my first year at Willow Creek), and beginning my last semester of a two-year masters program, my plate is quite full.

But one post a week…that I can probably do.  Hope to see you here!

Lessons from John Q

A few weeks back I caught “John Q” on TV.
Denzel Washington is the main character…hence my fondness of it.
To sum up the story:
John’s son collapses at a baseball game.
Turns out he needs a new heart.
John can’t afford one.
Amidst taking the hospital hostage in order for his son to get a new heart,
John decides to kill himself in order to give the son his heart (spiritual undertones, I know)

And that’s where the lessons come in.
He is about to end his life so his son can live,
but he wants a few more words with his son.
Here is what John Q tells his son:

Listen to your mother
Treat girls like princesses
Don’t get caught up in the bad things

Now, life is more complicated than those three things.
But if you do those,
you are on the right track.


ordinary heroes

there is a lack of heroes in this generation.  it’s sad, really.

what happened to the “someone” who your kids could emulate?

we need people like that…

someone you can look up to

someone who goes farther than you’d expect

someone who conquers more than you thought possible

well…look no further.

this man, Josh Isenhardt, single-handedly ate an entire TWO-POUND burger.

in the pic below:  that’s him, in the top middle…holding the prized t-shirt proudly.

well there you have it. a new hero is born.

what my phone can do

my phone is awesome.  it’s an iPhone.  at any moment i can:

check my email

pay my phone bill

check my bank statement

make a car payment

update my twitter/facebook status

track my weight loss

read the Bible

check the weather

keep up with the latest football games

listen to music

check the latest woot.com ‘shirt of the day’

and oh…send text messages and make phone calls.

it’s pretty great.

but if i’m not careful, i am proned to be more concerned about my phone than i am about how close i got to looking like Jesus today.  dang.  that hurt.

just thought i’d remind myself of that.


I recently moved to Ypsi.  I am loving it more and more.  why?  that’s for a separate post.  for now i will leave you with this pic…i’m on the roof, the sun is setting, and i’m reading 2 Kings.  i’m kinda hating that in 2 months i won’t be able to do this (due to michigans bad habit of getting cold).  i’ll enjoy it while i can


piano lessons

i started taking piano the other day.  i’ve always wanted to learn.  it’s something that i’ve always made excuses of why i couldn’t do it.  no more of that.  below is a pic of the sweet rig i got.   blake let me borrow his M AUDIO keyboard.  it plugs right into my MacBook.  awesome.