Lessons from John Q

A few weeks back I caught “John Q” on TV.
Denzel Washington is the main character…hence my fondness of it.
To sum up the story:
John’s son collapses at a baseball game.
Turns out he needs a new heart.
John can’t afford one.
Amidst taking the hospital hostage in order for his son to get a new heart,
John decides to kill himself in order to give the son his heart (spiritual undertones, I know)

And that’s where the lessons come in.
He is about to end his life so his son can live,
but he wants a few more words with his son.
Here is what John Q tells his son:

Listen to your mother
Treat girls like princesses
Don’t get caught up in the bad things

Now, life is more complicated than those three things.
But if you do those,
you are on the right track.


One thought on “Lessons from John Q

  1. HIS FATHER is a hero !! he can do everything just to save his child’s life 🙂
    i appreciated the movie so much.. and i proudly say that I LOVE MY FATHER SO MUCH !!!

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