Go ahead. Walk out.

A friend of mine explained this analogy to me the other day. I had heard it before, but this time I heard it with fresh ears.

It’s based on Romans 6:20-23. We are no longer slaves to sin, but are now slaves to God!
Romans 8 goes on to say that we don’t have to give in to our sinful nature anymore…we can live by the Spirit, through the power of Christ.

Yet so many Christians, myself included, don’t live in this newfound victory. It’s like we are in our own prison cells.  But the doors are not closed…instead they’re wide open. There are no guards keeping us in the prison cell.

We just won’t walk out.

Sounds crazy right? Yep.  And we do it everyday. We are FREE from sin. Yet we willingly walk back in the prison cell of sin and sit down.

What causes us to do that?  From my personal experience – shame and doubt.  I’m ashamed of what I’ve done, and I doubt anyone would “get it” or understand enough to forgive me.

The daily task of Christians is to walk out of the prison of sin, clinging to the power of Christ in us. So, go ahead. Walk out.

One thought on “Go ahead. Walk out.

  1. Reblogged this on Teri Michelle Coan and commented:
    Too often we’re too scared to leave, we don’t know what’s out there, and we find our prison cell just so much more comfortable. But if we can just get up and walk out the door, it is so much greater than anything we ever had before.

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