God spells love “T.I.M.E.”

recently i took a day and just went away.  my goal was to connect with God on a level where there were no distractions, nothing around me that needed my attention.  so i turned my phone to “airport” mode, got my Bible, the book “Deep-Rooted in Christ” and my guitar…drove 40 minutes north and ended up at Kensington Metro Park.

this was my view.

pretty amazing.  i took this next pic cause i thought it looked sweet.

overall i had a fantastic day…just me and Jesus…talking about how I can become more like Him.

how long has it been since you had some “Jesus Time?”

Ypsilanti #2

here are some off-the-cuff-not-well-thought-out reasons i am really enjoying living in Ypsilanti

-there are homeless people, and they’re not ashamed to ask for money. for real, this provides a way for me to help, and it keeps things in perspective

-it’s far from perfect.  you can tell the city is being worked on…it’s just not done yet

-it has energy.  living in a college town has its benefits.

-it has history.  i live in a mansion that used to house the mayor.  how cool is that? bill clinton stopped in and ate at Abe’s Coney Island…that’s kinda cool?!

-people are welcoming.  so far, this has been my experience.

that’s all for now.  might come back for round 3 and give ya more.  why do you love where you live?

Goin’ all the way – week 2

Sunday February 15, 2009 – Velocity Service || 6p

For a synopsis of week one, click here.


Series:  Goin’ all the way

Talk: Love

Summary: John 15:13 and 1 John 3:16 lay it out there.  [real] love is laying your life down for someone else.  Jesus was the example.  we are to follow.  what does that look like for a high school student?  putting ones own agenda aside for another person is certainly difficult, but it is what we are called to do…in every relationship, not just dating/marriage.

Bottom Line: Love is sacrifice

Creative Elements: we showed 2 videos.  this one. and  that one.

Song List: You’ll come, Lead me to the cross, Better is one day