Ypsilanti #2

here are some off-the-cuff-not-well-thought-out reasons i am really enjoying living in Ypsilanti

-there are homeless people, and they’re not ashamed to ask for money. for real, this provides a way for me to help, and it keeps things in perspective

-it’s far from perfect.  you can tell the city is being worked on…it’s just not done yet

-it has energy.  living in a college town has its benefits.

-it has history.  i live in a mansion that used to house the mayor.  how cool is that? bill clinton stopped in and ate at Abe’s Coney Island…that’s kinda cool?!

-people are welcoming.  so far, this has been my experience.

that’s all for now.  might come back for round 3 and give ya more.  why do you love where you live?

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