Velocity Visit

i’ve been out of velocity for a couple of months now. so tonight was a special treat.
i got to hang out, have fun and cheer Kevin on as he spoke about God moving in students lives.
and the best part?
the most epic game of crud known to man.

it was a great end to the day.

NorthRidge Brighton-Howell

i love being apart of a church that gets it.
not exactly sure what “it” is..
ya know, the feeling when you walk in the church building and there’s a holy expectation.
something huge is going on.
well, northridge is no exception.
a year ago we launched northridge saline.  a video-campus in the saline area
this year we’re launching northridge brighton-howell.  a video-campus in the…yea, you get it.
our vision is simple:  we want TONS of people to discover Jesus, develop in Him, and experience Him in their everyday life
so this is just one way we’re reaching the “TONS” of people

if you’re in the brighton-howell area, make sure to check us out

Comedy Night @ Velocity

this past sunday we brought 321 Improv to NorthRidge.
they seriously had everyone in the room crying from laughter.
this was our 3rd annual comedy night, and it was the group’s 3rd time coming
we just like them a lot.
this also doubled as an “8th grade sneak peak” event
in two weeks, on June 20, the 8th graders will become freshman in high school
this event was to open up velocity to them…
simply so they wouldn’t be totally freaked out when they came on June 20

this kid had some serious fashion sense…we were almost wearing the same thing.

here’s to a good laugh.