Comedy Night @ Velocity

this past sunday we brought 321 Improv to NorthRidge.
they seriously had everyone in the room crying from laughter.
this was our 3rd annual comedy night, and it was the group’s 3rd time coming
we just like them a lot.
this also doubled as an “8th grade sneak peak” event
in two weeks, on June 20, the 8th graders will become freshman in high school
this event was to open up velocity to them…
simply so they wouldn’t be totally freaked out when they came on June 20

this kid had some serious fashion sense…we were almost wearing the same thing.

here’s to a good laugh.

3 thoughts on “Comedy Night @ Velocity

  1. Adam Mashni is a an amazing guy. Beyond his love for God, the Bible and the genuine love he has for people – especially the Student’s he serves…he does have keen fashion sense. Seriously, from his Tom Shoes (shows his heart to care is huge) – seriously just look at him up there. This is a stylish dude… really. He can style it up and then… he can play guitar & sing – lead huge groups in worship gatherings…OH – he is a speaker/communicator too. Now…here is the deal you Proverbs 31 ladies – he is single! If you’re interested – send your resume to me for a coffee date consideration. My e-mail address is above. Please include “real” photo – and brief description on your salvation story. OK? Look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Wayne – Pastor Dude from NorthRidge Church and Adam Mashni’s booking Pastor bud!

  2. Wayne – thanks for looking out for Adam

    Adam – Just love what you and the youth ministry are doing; Love keeping up with you. Even in a small way thru this and other media.

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