Coffee and Jack

I am currently at Caribou Coffee listening to Jack Johnson and attempting to organize my thoughts for this week’s message at Velocity.  We are concluding a series entitled “MORE:  Getting the most out of life.”  The past 2 weeks have been great talks about getting MORE joy and wisdom.  This third and final talk is all about getting MORE influence.

I am convinced that life is all about one thing:  God.  Everything else should be in a sub-category that, at the end of the day, is all about furthering what God is doing in our world.  If this is true, then should we not take advantage of every opportunity to further the Kingdom of God?  In every sphere of influence we have, this truth should cause us to leverage that influence for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

I can now see why God might want us to expand our sphere’s of influence.  By gaining more influence, we gain more opportunities to expand God’s Kingdom.


2 thoughts on “Coffee and Jack

  1. adams got a blog? i never new that! its tyler powers from calvary. when are you stopping by? message me on facebook.

  2. Caribou and JJ? That’s getting the MOST out of Plymouth, MI! I’m adding your link to my blogroll, Mr. Deep Thoughts & Travel Meister.

    Missing the Ridge but finding MORE connections within the body of Christ in Virginia Beach. Wes is trying out for ODP soccer this weekend–woo hoo! Keep expanding in and out of the UG (reminded me of that part in Jabez) and teaching all doze “yutz” (My Cousin Vinny reference) about collecting eternal value. Rock on, bro~

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