learn to follow

Today we had our second “young leaders meeting” with our Senior Pastor, Brad Powell. Every two months I sit with 15-ish other young leaders from NorthRidge and we glean wisdom from Brad…as well as talk about the things that we’re dealing with.  Truthfully, I really am enjoying it.

One thing stuck out today.  Loyalty.  Being faithful to the organization you are working for.  We concluded that many young leaders want the success that a “seasoned point leader” often experiences.  However, we are not willing to follow someone (learning along the way) in order to get there.  I suppose it’s our “fast-food” mentality.

Brad discussed how Joshua was loyal to Moses.  Even though they were two different leaders…Moses was the leader, and Joshua was following.  Some questions I pondered…

What can I learn from the leader I’m following? In what areas can I become more obedient to my leader?

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