By Faith…

was thinking today about all that we, as christians, believe.
conclusion:  we believe some pretty wacky stuff.

by faith we believe

that behind this created world is a loving creator
a virgin gave birth to God’s son, Jesus.
Jesus lived a perfect life (didn’t sin), died on a cross, and rose again.
that by rising again Jesus defeated death…so that we can live.
that anyone who calls on Jesus will be saved

that hell actually exists, and that it’s gonna suck
that Christians make up the Church.
that as the Church, we have access to the Holy Spirit.
that this is the same Holy Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead.
that through Jesus we are “adopted sons and daughters” into God’s family.

that the power we have (God in us) is greater than the power that’s in the world.
that Satan is really real and he’s really mean.
that the Bible is the only inspired word of God.
that one day the world as we know it will cease to exist.
that Jesus is coming to our world again…this time to reign forever.

that no matter what a person has done, Jesus loves them.
that he died for them.
that no one is beyond grace.
that anyone can be redeemed.

I believe all of that.

5 thoughts on “By Faith…

  1. You say = I believe all of that =

    Do you also believe that Adam and Eve were the first two people. Eve created by God removing something from Adam’s side. Eve listening to the serpent -satin- and getting her husband to eat from the tree which caused the fall of man. That Jonah was swallowed by a great fish and stayed in there a pretty desent time before
    being expulsed alive! That Noah took 2 of every single species – that Joshua made the sun stand still that Elisha called down a bear to maul some youth for calling him baldy – that a DONKEY TALKED IN THE VOICE OF A MAN to balaam?

    Curiously – MM

  2. hey Manfred.
    yup, sure do. not gonna say it’s easy to believe all of that.
    that’s where faith comes in!

  3. I believe that also. We don’t believe blindly but, God proves Himself to us over and over. We have reason to believe. Because God is always trustworthy and true.

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