Our church just got done going through a 12 week series on the book of proverbs.
It was pretty fantastic.
The theme was an “at the theater” feel.  it fit quite well.

Our Pastor (Brad Powell) picked a movie each week, with the help of our creative team, and took principles out that applied to our lives…all through the lens of what Proverbs had to say about the topic.

Each weekend was special, but probably my favorite weekend was when we talked about being a good parent.
During that weekend our creative team along with our student team brainstormed and executed a live-feed worship experience between the main adult service and the youth service (which happens in a totally different part of the building).  We could see each other on the screens and we were worshipping as one church!
It was pretty logistically involved…but it was super worth it.

Just in case your’e curious, here’s a list of the weeks we went through:

Bruce Almighty – Trust God
Dumb and Dumber – Get Wisdom
Liar Liar – Be Honst
Rudy – Be Diligent
Find Nemo – Choose good friends
Gone with the Wind – Choose the right mate
The Notebook – Choose to BE a good mate
Sound of Music – Choose to be a good parent
The Karate Kid – Get some discipline
Citizen Kane – Live for the right thing
Pursuit of Happyness – Live Free
It’s a wonderful life – Be Generous

You can view all of the talks HERE

We’re going into a series called “Chill” in December…than starting a series called “The Script” in 2012.
Absolutely love being a part of a church that isn’t afraid to be creative.


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