Healthy Insecurity

I was having breakfast with a friend/mentor the other day, and this phrase came up.
healthy insecurity.
got me thinking.  is there such a thing?

on one hand we are called to own who we are in Christ.
we are heirs to the throne through Jesus.
nothing insecure about that.

on the other hand, it is a healthy practice to think through what God has saved you from.
what you could have been.
what you have the capability to be/do.
who you would be if not for Jesus.

So, in essence, we have an “insecurity” in the fact that without Jesus we would be absolutely nothing.

I would love to know others thoughts on this.
am I way off on this?
am I stretching a phrase just to create a blog entry?
comment below!

2 thoughts on “Healthy Insecurity

  1. Yes I do believe that there are healthy insecurities. Because I am around a lot of jr high and high school girls, you see so much insecurity. Most of it is normal and a part of their season in life. I think when we become obsessed with something, how we look, what we are wearing, etc, you can cross into an unhealthy insecurity. When you feel that you have to purchase the “latest”, always looking at fashion magazines (throw them out!), or wearing designer items.

    We all have insecurities in some area of our life. You can’t get through life without it. But understanding why the insecurity is happening, what has triggered it or can you change it? These are some things that we can ask ourselves to try and figure out why it is happening in the first place. Talking to a parent, mentor or trusted friend helps. I know it’s not the “cool” thing to do, but your parent has most likely been through a similar situation, felt the same insecurities and can give some good advice!

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