This past weekend my good friend Josh spoke at NorthRidge.
As always, he nailed it.
He started a series called “Chill” that’s gonna last until Christmas Eve Weekend.
The title was “it’s under control”
You can listen to the whole thing HERE.

One of his main points was that it’s an illusion to think that we have any sort of control in this life.
My favorite concept was this:
Often times we mistake influence for control.
They are quite different.
There are seasons in your life when people may listen to you.
Your kids may do what you say.
Your boss may listen to your ideas.
But those seasons come and go.  They are never permanent.
And because the seasons come and go, we should not leverage the influence we get as if we are always in control
Instead of leveraging our influence to “press our thumb” down on someone,
we should use it to serve those God has given us influence over.

So, when you find yourself in seasons of influence, don’t mistake that for a false sense of control.
And when you find yourself in a season where nothing seems to be in control, rest in the fact that the God who created you is able to sustain you…and He has control over everything.

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