Don’t pull a Kanye…

Remember that one time?
When Kanye ran out on stage and interrupted a tremendous moment for Taylor Swift?
You can find PLENTY of coverage of that here.

A while back the NRSM team at NorthRidge put on Fall Retreats for both High School and Middle School and our theme was “In Lights.”
The question we asked as “Who is really in the spotlight of your life?”
We all have the tendency to want center stage…but God might be calling us to be on the stage crew and open/close the curtains.

And to use the Kanye analogy loosely…we encouraged students to watch out for the tendency to steal the spotlight.
I especially have this tendency.
I love to get applause and affirmation.
But if I’m truly living out a Jesus-centered life, then everything I do will simply be a reflection of what Christ is doing through me…and all the applause and glory will be directed back to Him!

So, in your own life, don’t pull a Kanye.
Make sure God stays where he belongs.
Center stage.

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