Students: 4 questions ya need to answer

It’s Throwback Thursday – where I go back a year or two and grab my favorite posts.
Since posting this…I actually had the honor of giving a talk based around these 4 questions to our high school students.  

Still today I believe that these are four of the most important questions a student can answer. 


heard a sermon preached on this subject, and it was worth blogging about.
below are four questions
every teenager needs to answer

What’s in your hands?
what has God wired you to do?  when God interacted with moses, He asked, “what’s in your hands?” for moses it was a staff that eventually got turned into a snake (rad). what has God placed in your hands that can be used for his glory?  Is it a talent? a passion? a gift?  what gets you mad? what breaks your heart?  the thing that’s in your hands is God-given…and if you’ll give that gift back to your creator, then he’ll use it (along with you) to do some amazing things!

Am I know trying to win the approval of men or of God?
this question is taken from Galatians 1:10 – paul is addressing the issue of acceptance. “if i were still tyring to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.”  as teenagers, you have to choose who you’re going to live for.  which audience are you going to try and please?  living for the approval of men is a waste of time…because ultimately it’s God who is going to judge your life…no one else.  it’s God who has placed HIS value on you…no one else. live for the right audience!

How can a young man keep his way pure?
Psalm 119:9
this is a question of integrity.
the answer? – “by living according to Your Word.”
you’re going to live your life according to someone’s plan…it may as well be God’s perfect plan for your life.
how often do you spend time in God’s word?  what’s the last verse you memorized? a lot of us have junk in our brains. images that we wish we could erase.  truth is we can’t erase them, but we can dilute them. spending time in God’s Word is crucial if you are striving for purity. after all, how do you renew your mind? by putting NEW things in it.

Who do you say I am?
this was a question that Jesus asked his disciples.
this question deals with our eternity.  who do we say Jesus is?
is He the son of God? just a prophet? a crazy man? our savior?
every person must answer this question. and in the context of this blog…every teenager needs to come to grips with this question…how will you answer it?  will you submit to Jesus now, and pursue his calling early? will you “put it on the back burner” until you’re grown up and filled with regret?

there ya have it.  4 questions every teenager needs to answer.

taken from a message given by Steven Furtick to a student audience (@ Elevation Church)

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