Let’s see, Tell Everyone

This weekend in RustProof I taught on this idea…
Let’s see, Tell Everyone.
It’s a week before Christmas, so we went the traditional route
We read out of Luke 2.
And those two phrases pop up in verse 15 and verse 17.
Let’s see, Tell Everyone.
Let me explain.

The main point of my talk was simple:
The best way to use the gift of Christmas (Jesus) is to share it with others.
In fact, it’s the only true response when we’ve truly experienced Jesus.
And that’s exactly what the shepherds did in Luke 2.
After the angels had told them what was up…they went to see for themselves this baby that had been born.
But they didn’t stay there!
After seeing, they left to tell everyone what they had seen.

So many of us (Christians) are just content with seeing.
We have gone to the “manger” and experienced Jesus for ourselves.
Yet we’re still there.
We haven’t taken the next step.
We need to take the experience we’ve had and now share it with others.

The challenge was simple.
Move from a “Let’s see” faith, to a “Tell Everyone” faith.
Your friends and family deserve to know about the Jesus you’ve experienced.
It’s about time you tell them.

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