Have it your way

I try and make wise choices when it comes to the food I eat.
“Try” being the key word there.
I don’t always succeed.
There are days when the craving for fast food arrives in all its splendor…
Tempting me to give in and enjoy the delicious yet fattening food
What’s worse?
There is a Burger King right next to the gym where I workout.

Talk about ironic.
Every time I drive to the gym, I have to drive past the Burger King entrance.
I have to endure the awesome smell of Burger King fries as I make my way to the treadmill.
There are days where I would rather just pull off into the drive-thru and satisfy the craving…
But I tell myself to just keep driving.

I know it’s a loose analogy.
But this idea of “choices” has never been more real to me than at this point in my life.
The decisions you make today will determine your reality tomorrow.
There will be times when the temptation will be strong.
But I encourage you to “keep driving”
You never know what’s at stake.
Don’t give up.
Don’t give in.
Keep going.

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