This past weekend in RustProof was a special one.
To have church on the first weekend of the year is just cool.
It brings focus.
It brings a spiritual energy.

The RustProof directors brainstormed a talk that would use the significance of the weekend to our advantage.
Hence the title.
Our main idea?
No matter what happened the past 365 days, God always offers a day one.
Makes ya wanna stand up and yell doesn’t it? (oh wait, that’s for the Pentecostal churches, my bad)

We encouraged students that we serve a God who starts EVERY DAY this way.
His mercies are new EVERY morning.
No matter what their past was, there’s always a fresh start.

What if we all chose to live with this in mind?
What if we lived like we believed this?
What could we accomplish if we believed God was on our side?
Neat to think about.
Praying that I live it.

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