The Best Is Ahead…Maybe.

I enjoy listening to many pastors,
but one in particular has a phrase that I’ve adopted as my own.

The best is ahead.

Great phrase, right?
It’s a phrase that creates energy.
Makes you think someone has a plan.
People can get behind it.

But as I was talking with my RustProof team recently I ran into this line of thinking…
The best is only ahead if we stay connected to Jesus.
It was a sobering thought, for sure.
Sometimes we can get caught up in our own ego and think
“Yea, the best IS ahead…ya know why? Because I’m awesome!”
When in reality, that’s not at all true.
With Jesus, your best life is ahead of you.
But it’s only with Jesus!

John 15 explains it.
If you’re connected to Jesus, you’ll accomplish much.
If you’re not, you won’t.

It’s up to you.
Will your best be ahead?

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