155 / 48 = Ephesians

A few weeks ago I posted a Facebook status about memorizing the book of Ephesians.
It was a bold statement, to be sure.
I had never memorized a book of the Bible.
Sure, some would say it was a homework assignment in High School to memorize Philippians, but who really does homework in High School anyway?
Just kidding.
Kind of.

Anyway, so I felt like in 2012 I needed to step it up with scripture memorization.
I was never super great at Math, but that’s where I had to start.
There is 155 verses in Ephesians.
I want to start the week of January 30.
Exactly 48 weeks until 2013.
155 divided by 48 is 3.22916667

So each week 3 verses will need to be memorized…
with 4 verses possibly the last few weeks.

I’m gonna do it.
It’s time to step up.
Will you do it with me?

I’m going to make a downloadable plan to go along with this…you can look for that the week before we start this.
I hope you’ll join me.

7 thoughts on “155 / 48 = Ephesians

  1. Wow…that is an awesome goal Adam. I will have to pray about whether or not to join you, but it is great to know that “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”-Phl 4:13

      • OK, my middle schooler (Maya Thiry) and I are going to try to do it. Are you going to talk about this in RustProof? It might be fun after each service to give any of the kids who want to do it a chance to practice saying their verses to each other. If you decide to, I would help facilitate that after the Sat. 5:15 service. Maya and I are going to use either the NIV1984 or the NKJV, as I have theological disagreements with some of the changes made to the new NIV. 🙂

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