The Gospel

We started a new series this past weekend at NRSM called “Truth Is.”
To answer your question,
It is not based on the Facebook status phenomenon.
Rather, it’s based on the most important truth in history.
The Gospel.
We started the series out with a talk that was centered around finding a working definition of The Gospel.
And thus this creative element.
We spent a lot of time coming up with just the definition (circled in red).
Then we spent more time developing everything that would go around it.
Although some of the things written were not bad, our point was they are not essential to what the Gospel really is.

What are your thoughts?
What would you have added?
What would you have left out?

One thought on “The Gospel

  1. Really creative way of communicating that message!

    Ideas that could be added…
    But if I…only listen to Christian music…
    …or maybe forward the emails with the picture of the cute cats to 10 friends to make sure I get God’s blessing…

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