If you follow me on Twitter than it’s no surprise that I love what I do.
I mean, seriously…I get to participate in some pretty cool things.
Lead students to a life of faith in Christ, then on the journey to full devotion.
I’ll take that!
It definitely helps that I work with some of coolest people on planet earth.

Last week we had a video shoot that reminded me just how cool my job was.
Here is a photo that sets up what went down.
We called in one of our students, a Plymouth High School linebacker.
The assignment was simple.
Be huge.
Tackle the pastor.
Make it funny.

What we ended up with was 4 or 5 videos that are going to promote our Superbowl Weekend Party in RustProof.
The next day I was pretty sore, I’ll tell ya that much.
You’ll just have to wait and see the videos.

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