The “Noah” Train

I saw “NOAH” last week. Here are my thoughts:

I went in expecting a story about Noah.
And a flood.
I got both.
But not in the way I expected.
A few things that other bloggers have right…
First, it obviously wasn’t true to the Bible.
Second, it wasn’t the best movie in the world (by hollywood movie standards).
Also, duh.
But what was it really missing from this movie?
The covenant.
The movie did get some things right.
God was angry at mankind and he wanted to destroy the world.
That was true (Genesis 6:1-8)
But what was also true is where God calls Noah out for being righteous and blameless (Genesis 6:9) and says ahead of time that the covenant will start over with him (Genesis 6:18).

I see it in 3 steps.
First, the world is evil.
Second, God’s angry.
Third, God shows favor to one family in order to begin again.

It is no surprise that the movie missed the third part.
The director camped on the first two.
Even to the point of making Noah realize his own depravity.
A depravity so dark that he believed even God couldn’t (or wouldn’t) spare him and his family.

It’s actually sad that the third step wasn’t emphasized.
That’s what the world needs to see!
We see enough of how we’re all messed up and twisted.
We need to see more about how God, in his grace and mercy, looks down and offers forgiveness through Jesus.
Hebrews 11 says that it was “by faith” that Noah was given righteousness.
The same can be true of us.
By faith, we can turn from our depravity and embrace the covenant that is offered to us by through Jesus.

In conclusion, Hollywood will always be there to distort what God was actually trying to say.  Let’s not get caught up in bashing them.  Let’s get caught in raising up the light we do have and showing the world that darkness is not the only option.

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