Day 1

Well, we’re here. 

Everything went smooth at the airport.  We arrived in Nassau around 11:45am.  The very first thing we noticed when we left the airport was that our bus was driving on the left side of the road.  That was interesting.  We got to the Adventure Learning Camp around 1:00p after a trip to Wendys for some lunch.

After talking with some of the missionaries here, the need is evident.  There are parts of the island that house mansions (Oprah has a house here), but then there are the slums.  I was told the Bahamians have a pretty good life here…it is the Haitains who migrate over who have it bad.  They receive no help from the government and as a result live below poverty most of their lives.  We are hoping to have Church with some Christian Haitains later this week.  Pray that we can be an encouragement to them.

Tomorrow we start working.  We are not completely sure what we will be doing (a common theme down here), so I will keep you updated.  Pray that with the heat our team will still put forth 110% effort.

Thanks and we’ll check back with you later.


5 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. I am so glad you guys are there safe! I am praying all week for you guys! I MISS ALL OF YOU and am so so so sad that I am not with my team. I went to the doctor today and she is a little concerned and I have to go back on Friday. If it doesn’t look any better on my tissue then I will most likly be admitted to the hospital. SO crazy. So, she said she wouldn’t have signed off on me to go anyhow.

    Tell Lauren & the students what the deal is and that I miss them terribly!

    Praying praying praying for you all!
    Kristie 🙂

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