On our way…

The Bahamian Travel Company is being nice and allowing free wireless at the airport…thus another update.

This morning went great.  Goodbye’s are always hard, and today was no exception.  We loaded the bus and were on our way by 9:00a.  We got to the Bahamas airport and waited an hour in line just to check in.  Then came the line for the baggage security check, then the line for Customs, then another line for the U.S. Baggage Security check…and then we finally made it to our gate.  The team is out and about getting food and going to the bathroom.  Everything is scheduled to leave on time, so Lord Willing we’ll see you all tonight!!

A note of thanks to the parents for sending your students on this trip.  They worked incredibly hard and I received nothing but praises from the Mission Discovery and Adventure Learning staff.  My prayer for them is that they’ll take what they’ve experienced here in the Bahamas and apply it at home.


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