The final days…

I apologize for not posting sooner, internet is really scarce.

On Thursday we finished up our job site.  I really enjoyed our time with the girls at the school we worked at.  All week the team built relationships that will last into heaven!  Towards the end of our work day we held a “closing ceremony” with the girls.  Some of the girls wrote letters to us thanking us for investing our time with them.  Some of our students wrote letters encouraging the girls to keep living for Jesus.  It was a bitter/sweet feeling leaving the school. 

Today (Friday) we went shopping and hit the beach.  The “Straw Market” is where all the shopping and bargaining took place.  Downtown Nassau is a cool place.  We got to see some cruise ships roll in for the day.  After lunch we headed to Goodman’s Bay, a beautiful beach  on the North side of the island.  The water was gorgeous and the sun was HOT.  All in all we had a great day today.

After we get back I will be diligent in posting pics on this blog…so come back!  See you all tomorrow night!


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