5 things I love about Cedar Point…

There are probably more, but here are 5 things I love about Cedar Point:

  1. The Raptor (of course – although “the maverick” is coming dangerously close to becoming my favorite ride)
  2. The wide variety of people you encounter (did you see that guys hair?!)
  3. The fact that only half of the staff speak English
  4. Every ride is different (you never leave a ride saying, “that was just like…”)
  5. It is home to one of the few Chick-Fil-A’s north of the Mason-Dixon line (need I say more?)

There you have it.  As long Sandusky, OH keeps those juicy chicken sandwiches around, you better believe I’ll keep going back!

One thought on “5 things I love about Cedar Point…

  1. Busch Gardens, Williamsburg (AKA “Europe”) is our new “Cedar Point.” Not as many rides, but also not as far of a drive.

    I have an undeveloped idea for a theme park “waiting in line” game that has to do with the people you see. Kinda like the search for state plates, but instead looking for things like fanny packs, back hair, piercings, and unfortunate wardrobe choices. I may have to blog on that later. Thanks for the inspiration

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