I Trust My Church


I work at a Church where there are a lot of moving parts and decisions that are made have the potential to effect multiple people at once.  I imagine our Church is not abnormal.

The thing is that unless you completely trust the leadership that is making these decisions, it is very easy to become bitter and angry at the decisions.  You begin to think thoughts like “Well, if they only knew how things were run…”  “They don’t even come to my ministry, how would they know what to do” or my favorite “If I were in their position…”  These thoughts can overcome any positive momentum you were gaining towards your leaders…and it will prove to be destructive.

Trust.  Completely.  I frequent Pastor Steven Furtick’s blog, and he had a post recently all about trust.  Part of it said “Trust is always believing that someone’s heart and intentions are pure.  This is so vital because even when actions fail or are perceived differently than how they were intended, you can always rely on the belief that the heart of the person is good.”

Trust, especially when we’re talking about trust in the Church world, is the assurance of one’s connection to God and calling from God.  For example, if the leaders of my church made decisions that affected me, and I didn’t believe that they were connected to God as their source for wisdom, I would have a hard time trusting their decision.  But because I have full confidence that my leadership spends time on their knees seeking God’s heart, I follow wherever they go.  I’m not saying it’s always easy, but I don’t think trusting is always an easy thing.

2 thoughts on “I Trust My Church

  1. I thoroughtly enjoy reading your blogs – since I can’t get an opportunity to listen to some of your, I am sure, great talks, I like to read these. Love you!

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