Quick Update

I am sitting at the Coffee Bean

…with my friend Kevin…we’re both diligently working on our MacBooks…I need to be in the office in 20 minutes for “office cleaning day.”  So what better way to spend those 20 minutes than to blog?  Here’s what’s been going on in my world:

  • I am almost finished with Youth Ministry 3.0 (thanks again Marko!).  It has been a fantastic read.  Be looking for a book review.
  • We hosted Silver Ring Thing at NorthRidge Church, January 11. It was a big hit.  Lots of people came out, lots of people made commitments to purity…awesome.
  • This weekend I get to lead worship for “big church” @ NorthRidge…pretty pumped about that.
  • Currently planning Velocity’s Super Bowl party. Should be a blast!
  • If you don’t know, I have a Twitter Account.  Find me.  Follow me.

More to come (including pics, hopefully).

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