Weekend Update

friday: After a long of work I was able to snag some much needed “thinking” time.   I settled in at my favorite coffee establishment…read, blogged, thought, researched.  It was a great evening.

saturdays are great because I can sleep in a bit (9a).  I got a decent run in at the gym, worked on my message for Velocity, ate some lunch with some friends…then went to Huron Valley Hospital to celebrate the birth of Emery Daniella Collesano.  Check out Josh Collesano’s blog for pics and updates.

sunday:  Spent the morning putting final touches on my message.  Saw my parents for all of 5 minutes.  Went to church to start preparing for Velocity.

where I’m at:  plymouth…that rarely changes.

books I’m reading: Tribes, The Blessed Life, (soon to be) Crazy Love

this week: i need to finalize our spring retreat cost…this is becoming more stressful than i originally anticipated

looking forward to: researching and creating a talk about Love.

a movie i just recently saw was “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.”  I enjoy the comedy of Kevin James…from that perspective it was a good movie.  The overall storyline was definitely predictable … but it’s hard to find a movie that isn’t.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. We’re reading Crazy Love (w/ DVD) for our Small Group … only through Chap 3, but what a great book! Francis Chan is just so candid w/ you, he MAKES you think …

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