Code Orange Goodness – Part 2

I’m in sort of a blog series about Code Orange Revival.
Read the first learning here.

Today I want to focus in on another learning.

“You have no room to doubt your worth…you’ve already been purchased. Your worth is SET in Jesus’ blood”

I’m not actually sure who said it
(after 12 nights, they all kind of blend together)
But isn’t it good?
It’s quite simple too.
If I buy a product for $20, then that product is worth $20 to me.
If I think it’s worth it, I’ll buy it.

How much more for our heavenly Father,
who thought it right to send His son as the rescue plan to provide redemption for us all.
He thought you were worth it, so He purchased you…through Jesus.

So how dare you say you’re not worth anything.
Your worth is actually not up for negotiation.
It’s been settled.
For some time now.
You’re worth a lot.
Don’t let anyone tell you differently.


Code Orange Goodness

Elevation Church just got finished with 12 nights of revival.
12 different preachers.
12 worship experiences in a row.

So the next few days I thought I would share some learnings from the 12 nights.
Today I want to focus on something Steven Furtick said during night 12.

“God can inspire a moment, your obedience creates momentum.”

The past 12 nights for Elevation have been “retreat” like.
I’m in youth ministry, so I’ve been on countless retreats.
There are inspired moments, to be sure.
Moments of clarity.
Moments where conviction is strong and the Holy Spirit is working overtime.
But as I’ve seen time and time again,
those moments will pass.
And the only thing that remains is the steps of obedience you take in response to the inspiration.

What has God inspired in you?
What are the correlating steps of obedience that He wants you to take?
Will you take them?

I Love Football

I enjoy most sports.
Watching and playing.
So this time of year is especially nice.
Every single week.

I don’t this analogy is especially brilliant,
or new by any means.
But it hit me in a fresh way.

Every single player has a role.
And every role is different.
If a player doesn’t play his part,
the whole team loses.
(see where I’m going with this?)

I’ve always thought it’d be sweet to be a quarterback.
They’re the ones who get all the credit.
They’re the ones who are in the spotlight.
But I’ve grown to really respect the dudes who block FOR the quarterback.
Those guys are HUGE.
Those guys are needed.
Without those guys the play doesn’t happen.

Here’s a question I’ve been asking:
What am I doing right now that’s not necessarily “quarterback” status,
but is paving the way for the team to move down the field?

The Gospel

We started a new series this past weekend at NRSM called “Truth Is.”
To answer your question,
It is not based on the Facebook status phenomenon.
Rather, it’s based on the most important truth in history.
The Gospel.
We started the series out with a talk that was centered around finding a working definition of The Gospel.
And thus this creative element.
We spent a lot of time coming up with just the definition (circled in red).
Then we spent more time developing everything that would go around it.
Although some of the things written were not bad, our point was they are not essential to what the Gospel really is.

What are your thoughts?
What would you have added?
What would you have left out?

Your Purity is Worth It

Recently I took a trip to Chicago with the college group of NorthRidge.
It was awesome.
Nothing like 36 hours to cram everything a tourist could do in a major city.
As we were walking, we ran into this massive statue of Marilyn Monroe

That’s me with my hands over my eyes.
It’s a funny way to portray an important lesson.
You need to watch what your eyes are seeing.
That means looking up movie reviews before going to see the movie
That means not watching certain TV shows
That means canceling the Sports Illustrated subscription
That means putting an internet filter on the new iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad you just got for Christmas.
That means asking a trusted friend to hold you accountable.
Do whatever it takes.
Your purity is worth it.

The Best Is Ahead…Maybe.

I enjoy listening to many pastors,
but one in particular has a phrase that I’ve adopted as my own.

The best is ahead.

Great phrase, right?
It’s a phrase that creates energy.
Makes you think someone has a plan.
People can get behind it.

But as I was talking with my RustProof team recently I ran into this line of thinking…
The best is only ahead if we stay connected to Jesus.
It was a sobering thought, for sure.
Sometimes we can get caught up in our own ego and think
“Yea, the best IS ahead…ya know why? Because I’m awesome!”
When in reality, that’s not at all true.
With Jesus, your best life is ahead of you.
But it’s only with Jesus!

John 15 explains it.
If you’re connected to Jesus, you’ll accomplish much.
If you’re not, you won’t.

It’s up to you.
Will your best be ahead?


This past weekend in RustProof was a special one.
To have church on the first weekend of the year is just cool.
It brings focus.
It brings a spiritual energy.

The RustProof directors brainstormed a talk that would use the significance of the weekend to our advantage.
Hence the title.
Our main idea?
No matter what happened the past 365 days, God always offers a day one.
Makes ya wanna stand up and yell doesn’t it? (oh wait, that’s for the Pentecostal churches, my bad)

We encouraged students that we serve a God who starts EVERY DAY this way.
His mercies are new EVERY morning.
No matter what their past was, there’s always a fresh start.

What if we all chose to live with this in mind?
What if we lived like we believed this?
What could we accomplish if we believed God was on our side?
Neat to think about.
Praying that I live it.

Be Where You Are

I was listening to a talk by Craig Groeschel at a recent Catalyst conference.
He was talking about how my generation (20/30 somethings) always wants things now.
We want influence that rivals Bill Hybels,
but we don’t want to put in the work and the years it took Bill to get where he is.
Ya know what?
Craig is right.
I’m guilty of that.

But then God gave me this phrase, and I’ve been dwelling and thinking on it for a few weeks now.

Where you are is where God has you. And where he has you is where you’re called to make an impact.  

Hit me like a ton of bricks!
Where I am is exactly where God intends for me to be.
And I’d be a fool to think that the reason for my “here” is so that one day I’ll be “there.”
I’m called to BE here.
To learn all I can.
To serve as much as I can.
To give as much as I can.
To love as much as I can.

I’m still learning this…
Don’t get caught in the “someday”
Figure out how you can thrive in the “today” 


I absolutely love this time of year.
It seems as though everyone seems to be on board with celebrating.
As Christians, we choose to celebrate a baby being born.
Jesus Christ.
God with us.
Pretty stinkin’ cool.

I also love twitter (anyone surprised?)
And around this time of year there’s a really neat hashtag.
Proof of what?
Proof that…

God loves you.
God has a plan for you.
Your best is not behind you, but ahead of you
There is hope for you
Your failure is not final
You are accepted

All of that is true.
The baby is proof.

Have it your way

I try and make wise choices when it comes to the food I eat.
“Try” being the key word there.
I don’t always succeed.
There are days when the craving for fast food arrives in all its splendor…
Tempting me to give in and enjoy the delicious yet fattening food
What’s worse?
There is a Burger King right next to the gym where I workout.

Talk about ironic.
Every time I drive to the gym, I have to drive past the Burger King entrance.
I have to endure the awesome smell of Burger King fries as I make my way to the treadmill.
There are days where I would rather just pull off into the drive-thru and satisfy the craving…
But I tell myself to just keep driving.

I know it’s a loose analogy.
But this idea of “choices” has never been more real to me than at this point in my life.
The decisions you make today will determine your reality tomorrow.
There will be times when the temptation will be strong.
But I encourage you to “keep driving”
You never know what’s at stake.
Don’t give up.
Don’t give in.
Keep going.